High School Students Present their Summer Research Work

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A total of 320 high school students applied to be a part of this summer 10th cohort of the Life Sciences Summer Institute (LSSI).  Forty-two were selected to take part in this summer research opportunity working alongside a research scientist at world renowned research institutes including long time partners, Salk Institute, The Scripps Research Institute, and University of California, San Diego.

As part of LSSI, participants were required to complete a one-week full-time pre-internship Intro to Biotechnology “boot camp” training at either Miramar or Grossmont College that focused on hands-on laboratory training as well as soft skills.  The course covered PCR techniques, ELISA, Protein Assay, pH meters, lab safety, and other techniques used in the laboratory. Upon completion of the course, students earned 1-2 transferable college credits and were ready to partake in their 7-week internship.

During the internship, students from all the sites gathered regularly to talk about their experience, participate in career seminars, and scientific poster sessions.

Yesterday, students presented their summer work in front of their peers, mentors, faculty staff, donors, and family members.  It was an exiting moment as it reflected on their contributions to the lab, their experience, and their summer projects.  Students worked in various labs including molecular biology, chemistry, stem, plant, computational biology, and others.  Project topics included: increasing transformation efficiency of human pluripotent stem cells, tracing neurons of the suprachiasmatic nucleus, shRNA knockdown of Sox9 in fMaSCs and Breast Cancer, and understanding the Internal State and Behavior in C. elegant.

Upon completion of the LSSI internship program, students earn UCSD Extension college prep units, complete a scientific poster, and valuable science research experience.

We hope to continue to expand LSSI by providing more internship opportunities for the 300+ applicants we receive each year. For more information on the program and funding opportunities, please contact Erika Arangure, erika@workforce.org.

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