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Southern California Biotechnology Center (SCBC) and the San Diego Workforce Partnership (SDWP) will be hosting a free PCR workshop (morning session) and a Foodborne Outbreak Investigation training (afternoon session) on Saturday, September 24th 9-4 p.m.  Both workshops will use the MiniOne System. Come for one or both sessions for more labs that complement the Amgen Biotech Experience. For example, you may want to implement Amgen Lab 1 with the MiniOne System- attending one of the sessions would be a great way to familiarize yourself with the equipment.

Sign-up at: and let us know which training session you would like to attend.

Additional Information:


San Diego Miramar College, Science Building S5-102

10440 Black Mountain Road

San Diego, CA



Morning Session (9am start time)

1) PCR featuring MiniOne System*

2) SCBC/Amgen Biotech Experience Updates

Lunch 12-1pm

Afternoon Session (1pm start time)

1) Foodborne Outbreak Investigation: Bad Food at a Good Party*

2) Analyzing PCR Results

Please note while free training will be provided there is a fee for implementing the PCR and Foodborne Outbreak Labs with your students.

$50 per class of 40 students for the PCR consumables

$120 fee per class (10 groups of students) for the Foodborne Outbreak Investigation


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