Program Overview

The Life Sciences Summer Institute (LSSI) Teacher Program was developed to help increase awareness of the local life sciences industries (biotechnology, medical devices, diagnostics, and related areas) by providing teachers with up-to-date industry awareness and curriculum. The program features:

Standards Based Biotech Curriculum: High school teachers  are trained on the Amgen Biotech Experience (formerly the Amgen Bruce Wallace Biotechnology Lab Curriculum).

Industry Visits: Teachers visit local life sciences companies and interact with science professionals, and see first-hand the  latest biotechnology practices and research & development.

 Collaborate with San Diego teachers: Adapt the curriculum to meet the needs of your particular student population aligned to the Common Core Standards and Next Generation Standards.

Ongoing Support for Curriculum Implementation: Teachers who have no equipment or supplies receive loaner equipment, free supplies, staff support to implement the curriculum.

Continuing Education Credits: Available for qualified applicants through Cal State San Marcos Continuing Education.

Paid Opportunity: Participating teachers will be required to enroll with a contracted staffing agency and will receive up to $1,000 for their full and complete participation in the program.

Click here for more information on the LSSI Teacher Professional Development Program.

The LSSI Teacher Professional Development Program is a partnerships among San Diego Miramar College, The San Diego Workforce Partnership, and BIOCOM, which is funded by The Amgen Foundation.

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