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2016 Biotech Workshops for Teachers

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Calendar of Upcoming Teacher Workshops
July 6-14, 2016
LSSI-Amgen Teacher Program, Miramar College
Community College and High School Science Teachers will be trained on the Amgen Biotech Experience curriculum. Summer cohort is full.


August 13, 2016
LSSI Alumni Workshop, Miramar College
Open to previously trained LSSI teachers. Workshop will include an review of the Amgen Biotech Curriculum, share best practices, and open lab session. Spots still available

August 15, 2016

Industry Visit to J Craig Venter Institute

Open to all previously trained LSSI teachers.  Visit will include a tour of the facility and hands-on workshop with Dr. Sujal Phadke. Workshop will teach the Avida-Ed software that can be used to teach biology evolution and the scientific method. Spots still available

September 10, 2016    
WhoDunnit Lab Workshop, Grossmont College 
Learn new lab curriculum using biotechnology tools to solve a crime. Spots still available

September 24, 2016      
LSSI Alumni Workshop, Location TBD
Open to previously trained LSSI teachers. Workshop will include an review of the Amgen Biotech Curriculum, share best practices, and open lab session. Spots still available

October 8, 2016    
WhoDunnit Lab Workshop, Miracosta College
Learn new lab curriculum using biotechnology tools to solve a crime. Spots still available

To RSVP for a workshop, please contact Erika Aranguré,

Save the Date-Upcoming ABE Workshops

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LSSI Alumni Workshop and NGSS Discussion

Saturday, December 5, 2015 at San Diego Workforce Partnership


To register, email:

The Amgen Program Office will be in California conducting focus groups that will help them gain insight about teacher’s knowledge and implementation of the NGSS as well as what resources will be helpful to them. The San Diego site was selected as a target audience and we will be hosting this session at San Diego Workforce Partnership’s office.

A $25 gift card will be provided for your participation and feedback. Lunch will also be provided.

LSSI “Whodunit” Introductory Workshop

Saturday, January 23, 2016 at Miracosta College


Register at:

Receive training on ABE lab 1 with a forensic twist. The Who Done it Workshop is for new teachers looking to expand their science curriculum to hands-on biotechnology techniques.  Lab 1 focuses on micropipetting and gel electrophoresis. An overview of the lab series will be provided as well as information on the full ABE professional development institute held during the summer.

LSSI Alumni Workshop

Saturday, January 30, 2016


Register at:

Come and meet with past LSSI alumni teachers and receive an overview of the Amgen Biotech Experience labs 1-6.  Lunch will be provided.

2015 LSSI 6-Day Program Overview

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From July 9th to July 16th biology and chemistry teachers from all over San Diego county attended this 6-day program, their challenge – to learn the Amgen Biotech Experience (ABE) curriculum.  The class was taught at San Diego Miramar College by Sharon Price, Dr. Gloria Bañuelos, Dr. Sandra Slivka and past LSSI ABE teacher alumni.  The program certifies and gives teachers the necessary tools in order to facilitate the implementation of the curriculum into their classrooms.  By introducing students to ABE with the relevant biotech lab techniques, curricula and tools, high school and middle school students are more likely to be interested in careers in scientific discovery.

Lab 6 results: success!
Lab 6 results: success!

Besides completing labs and interactive activities, teachers heard from Octavio Espinosa from BioSurplus, Inc. speak about his path through a biotechnology career. Teachers also participated in industry site visits to Pharmatek, Ballast Point and Pfizer in order to be informed on what working in a biotechnology lab is like as well as the interconnected career paths many scientists can take.     

Hands-on activity at Pharmatek
Hands-on activity at Pharmatek with teachers and James Keegan.

Pharmatek speakers included: Lisa Caralli, Amy Fager, Collin Burger, Jon Hendricks, Scott Stirn, Christine Obana, Jenn Samore, Roger Parks and Vivian Hansen.

Pfizer speakers included: Oleg Sten and Mike Greig.

To learn more about the ABE or register for next summer, please visit or contact: Erika Arangure,

LSSI Workshops with Industry Site Visits! Sign-up today.

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The LSSI-ABE San Diego Team is hosting a one-day refresher course on the ABE labs, including an industry visit. The workshop will provide LSSI alums an opportunity to improve upon their skills and knowledge within specific lab sequences:

-Tools of the Trade and What is Genetic Engineering? (think Insulin and Diabetes) -Lab 1

Pipetting, Gel Electrophoresis

-Gene Cloning:  Making and Verifying Recombinant Plasmids-Labs 2-4

Plasmid DNA, Restriction Enzymes and Gel Electrophoresis

-Getting Recombinant Plasmids into Bacteria and Bacteria Multiplication to Make Protein -Labs 5 and 6

Bacterial Transformation and Protein Purification

We plan to tailor this workshop to fit the needs of its participants.  In your RSVP email reply, please include which labs you would like to focus on:  Lab 1, Labs 2-4, or Labs 5-6.

 Date: Wednesday July 22, 2015

Time: 8-5pm

Location: San Diego Miramar College, Science Building S5-102

Lunch is provided. 

Limited Space is available so please sign-up today!

Email: to RSVP

Additional Workshops Available:

ELISA Workshop

July 23rd 8:30-5pm
Open to all new and alumni LSSI teachers. Workshop includes an industry site visit to Pfenex, Inc. Lunch and transportation is provided to an from the industry visit.

Limited Spots available for all workshops. Please sign-up ASAP at:
For more information on the workshops, please visit:


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The LSSI-Amgen Program six-day summer institute will take place on July 9-16, 2015 at San Diego Miramar College.  This program takes the place of the previous 12-day LSSI Teacher program but will provide the same overview and training of the Amgen Biotech Experience (ABE) hands-on biotechnology lab series with industry site visits.

This year, the program will be peer-to-peer taught bringing in highly experienced ABE Teachers currently implementing the series in their classrooms. The program will provide hands-on instruction, sharing of best practices, and networking.

The six-day institute is open to local high school and middle school science teachers currently or will be teaching a lab course in the upcoming 2015-2016 school year.

Once teachers complete the training they will receive:

  • Implementation support including loaner lab equipment and supplies
  • Access to other resources and curriculum provided by the Miramar Amgen Teacher Support Center (MATSC) at the Southern California Biotechnology Center
  • Will be part of the ABE community and access to resources, discussion forums, webinars, and teaching materials through the Amgen Biotech Experience
  • Invitation to special industry site visits planned throughout the school year for teachers
  • Implementation support including loaner lab equipment and supplies
  • $500 upon implemention during the following school year (applies only to teachers that implement within our SD-ABE region)

To request an application, please contact: Erika Arangure, Project Coordinator

Statewide Biotech Career Site Launches!

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Calbiotechcareers supports industry responsive regional training by CA Community Colleges.  College programs provide hands-on training to prepare entry-level, work-ready trainees with in-demand skills. Besides this ‘know-how,’ training provides the ‘know-why’ so that trained individuals can adapt to a dynamic industry. 

Visit: to discover resources for job seekers and employers in need of a trained workforce. 


Life Sciences Summer Institute Teacher hosts Congressman Scott Peters (D-CA)

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On Monday, February 24th, Mira Mesa High School Teacher Lisa Yoneda hosted Congressman Scott Peters (D-CA) to demonstrate the Amgen Biotech Experience (ABE).

The ABE, designed by Amgen scientists and educators provides a hands-on real world experience for students using research-grade equipment to run the labs that incorporate core technologies used by the biotech industry in the discovery of human therapeutics.  ABE is the curriculum used during the 12-day Life Sciences Summer Institute for teachers.

Mrs. Yoneda’s classroom provided Representative Peters with the unique opportunity to shadow students as they ran through the ABE lab series.

The equipment and supplies are made possible by support of the Amgen Foundation.  Science teachers go through the 12-day summer institute and are then eligible to receive equipment and supplies to support the implementation of ABE in their science classrooms.Image


For more information, please contact Erika Arangure, BIOTECH@WORKFORCE.ORG